16 Health Benefits of Lime Water | Nimbu Pani

1 – Lime water is best for our digestive system.It helps and provide relief from abdominal gas.It relives from heartburn and bloating(Soojan).

2 – It flushes out all toxins from our body naturally.Nothing is good than a glass of lime water to purify our body naturally.

3 – Lime is rich in Vitamin C. Regular intake of lime water can result in stronger immune system.

4 – Stronger immune system can protect a person from cold , flu, viral,cough, sore throat etc.Glass of lime water can helps us to boost the immune system.

5 – Free radicals present in our body affects the healthy cells which cause painful inflammation in Joints. As lime is rich in vitamin C which can cause wonder to people suffering from acute throbbing and tenderness caused due to arthritis.

6 – Patient suffering from Gout(Gathiya) can be benefited by lime water.

7 – Lime water removes the excessive collection of harmful uric acid as well as free radical.

8 – Fresh lime water helps in decomposing kidney stones.

9 – Potassium is high in lime water which is helpful in removing the foreign bodies from kidneys, It keep urinary bladder healthy and free from toxins.

10 – Upto some extent lime is effective in providing protection against cancer cells. Limonin and kaempferol are present in lime which fights from cancer cells.

11 – Drinking lime water every day in empty stomach can help you stay away from many infections.

12 –  Lime water helps in losing body weights.

13 – It helps in overcoming oral problems like bad breath, bleeding gums etc.

14 – Lime water helps to keep your skin nourished and hydrated.

15 – Regaular intake of lime water can improve the skin tone. It helps in getting glossy skin.

16 – It reduces dandruff and regular intake of lime water helps to combat with hair loss issues.

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