Stress can be a reason for poor performance

Stress problem

In today’s digital world 70% people are in stress due to their work load in the life.Indeed you won’t believe that stress is everywhere.

The stress is the major cause for poor performance in a professional life when we are in high stress our brain releases a toxic hormones which damages our brain function and slowly and steadily decreases the performance of a brain.
An important part of a brain is a prefrontal cortex which is used to take all the big decisions made by us.Prefrontal cortex not only helps us to understand social intelligence but also helps us to sense others people emotions.
Thus due to stress we occasionally take missteps in our life.Stress hormones reduces the efficiency and capacity of a brain due to which we start taking poor decisions as well as mental missteps.
Not only stress hormones reduces the connection between a brain cells and neural networks it also prevents our brain to create new connection which is required for better learning.
Stress not only harm our mental health it also harm our physical health . The stress has an adverse effect on our immune system. Our Immune system in a body works as a power station when an immune system starts deteriorating then the multiple health issues starts appearing like autoimmune disease as well as alopecia areata etc.
So it’s clear that stress is damaging both our mind as well as our body .Luckily there are different health tips and tricks with which you can able to eliminate stress but also you can able to completely control your mental health as well as Physical health.


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