6 ways to reach to your goal

Have you ever noticed that the rich become richer and the poor become poorer day by day. Desire is a key factor which creates a big difference between rich and poor. The rich people always desire for something and they don’t sit calmly until they are achieved what they desired for.
I represent a best quote which i feel that it works as an antidote for failure is
” When you have a vision of total victory nothing can stop you “.

So there are the 6 easy steps which if anyone follow can easily achieve their dream.

Fix your mind

First and the most important thing is fix your mind I mean to say know what you actually want in that particular interval of time . Let’s say you want to earn 1 million dollar by the end of year or you want to finish 10 books by the end of year.

Pay the price for what you want

Nothing is free in this world and there is no such reality that something is out there for nothing. Determine exactly what you want to give in return for the money or the thing you desired for.

Timeline play an important role
You have decide the deadline for the particular thing which you intend to possess in future.

Planning is a crucial part for a action

Take your time to plan properly because planning is a first step to achieve success.
There is a popular quote you all know ” if you fail to plan you will fail to achieve “.
So plan each steps in advance to achieve what you want as a final result.

Make a Desire list

Write it down on a piece of paper all those things which is required for your success.
First no down what you truly want. Second set a deadline for that particular task. Third pay the price for what you want to achieve and the final step is to make plan which I call it as a Desire list.

Believe in yourself

Read your return desire list allowed twice a day or at least a night before you sleep.
As you read, see, feel and believe in yourself you are gonna to achieve it.
So these are the six step process to achieve what you truly want. When you want something as important as breath nothing can stop you to achieve it. So go and get it done.

Rohit Singh http://www.goodforsuccess

I am the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Good for Success. Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. I believe in Kaizen principle that's why I spend 20% of my time on learning new things and improve my life.It is all about improving my day to day life.

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